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Real-time floor information obtained with HAKO-FLO services

Visualize Logistics Field​

HAKO-FLO solutions allow to grasp the status of the entire work site by aggregating Information to HAKO-FLO CLOUD from multiple workers with HAKO-FLO products such as HAKO-FLO RFID and HAKO-FLO LiDAR.
Also, office personnel can access the information on the worksite without going to the worksite by aggregating information on the cloud.
Furthermore, by sharing data with the WMS already in place, HAKO-FLO solutions introduce RFID readers and tablets to the worksite, promoting a paperless work site.

Traceability Services​

By consolidating daily on-site data into HAKO-FLO CLOUD, not only you can track daily cargo movements, but also weekly, monthly, and yearly. We provide solutions to understand the movement of warehouses and logistics sites.
Because the challenges faced by warehouses and logistics sites differ from customer to customer, we provide consulting services to assist you in the implementation of the HAKO-FLO Solution.

Provides useful information
in warehousing and logistics

By narrowing down and displaying the information necessary for warehouse and logistics site operations, on-site work can proceed more smoothly.

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