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Any data about cargo will be stored and shared

Get information about cargo instantly

Measure cargo size automatically and
generate reports in a short period of time

Digitize cargo management

Automatic proposal of cargo outer box


  1. Cargo check
  2. Cargo measurement
  3. Cargo information input
  4. Documents issuance
  5. Complete acceptance form
  6. Move to storage location
  7. Send documents to the back office
  8. Cargo picking based on shipping booking
  9. Collation of cargo and document
  10. Loading on truck

Do you have these issues in warehouse operations?

  • Cargo mistake due to manual operations
  • Incurred recovery costs due to mistakes
  • Delivery is delayed due to lack of labor-intensive operation process
  • Order processing capacity cannot keep up with cargo volume increase
  • Inefficient management work for many years with old inventory management software
  • Inaccurate inventory quantity
  • Customer satisfaction survey points out that there is a problem with the supply chain
  • Unable to find the empty space in the shelves and the space cannot be used effectively
  • Let's design warehouse automation
    on top of your existing operation system

    HAKO-FLO supports labor saving and cost reduction
    by improving work efficiency

    Cost reduction image

    3 reasons to be chosen

    Comprehensive solution from inbound to outbound

    ⇒ Resolve pain points that WMS cannot provide

    Semi-custom proposal based on consulting

    ⇒ service that gives you an operational advantage

    Start with a small investment

    ⇒ All-inclusive subscription service

    Request catalogs and information