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Warehouse Automation Service


Reduce inspection time

Streamlining Asset Management

Reduces time looking for boxes

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3 People

4 Hours


RFID case ※Labor Cost: $25 x Hours x People

1 Person

30 Min


99.5% Reduction!

※Estimates based on specific conditions

Reduce inspection & Inventory time

HAKO-FLO RFID uses a handheld RFID reader with dedicated software to read the information on electronic tags. RFID technology enables reading multiple tags at once using radio waves, eliminating the need to scan each tag individually like conventional barcodes.
The information on the tags inside can be read in batches without opening the outer box, eliminating the need for loading, unloading, and opening of cargo, thus greatly reducing inspection and inventory time.
HAKO-FLO RFID will contribute to improved work efficiency and effective use of warehouse and factory space.

RFID reader with dedicated software

RFID tags inside can be scanned from outside

Streamlining Asset Management

By attaching RFID tags to pallets, Ori-Cons (returnable containers), etc., and displaying information on cloud at the timing of scans and the point at which they were scanned. Administrators can perform centralized management of assets. By importing data into RFID reader, asset inventory can also be conducted.

Map display of scanned locations in the cloud

Reduces time looking for boxes

In the event of a mis-location, the RFID reader receives radio waves from the tag attached to the cargo when the ID of the cargo is entered into the RFID reader. By displaying the radio reception level, the operator can know the distance to the cargo. This can greatly reduce the time spent walking around the warehouse and visually searching for the cargo.

Search for cargo by RFID signal strength

Flexible contract plans

We offer subscription plans that are easy with a small start, bulk purchase plans, and other contract plans to suit your needs. Please feel free to request a quote.

Consulting close to the customer

When introducing RFID, we provide consulting and verification testing based on your operation, such asselection of RFID tags and confirmation of readability, to eliminate any concerns about the introduction of RFID. Please contact us for more details.

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