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TED AMERICA Launches North American IT Product and Vendor Research Services

TOKYO ELECTRON DEVICE (TED) launched “TED AMERICA North America Technology Research Services” on August 23, 2022. TOKYO ELECTRON DEVICE AMERICA (TEDAI) will provide IT products and vendor research services specific to North America.

TED AMERICA North America Technology Research Service is a service that helps companies considering DX, innovation, and business development to streamline their IT technology and product research, as well as vendor selection operations by incorporating new ideas from the latest trend information from North America. Utilizing our know-how and network of vendor research and network, we provide information on highly advanced cutting-edge technologies, especially in North America, to help promote business development.

This research service offers two services to meet your needs: (1) the TED AMERICA Research Portal and (2) Custom Research Services.

For more details, please refer to our news release: “北米IT製品・ベンダーリサーチサービスの提供を開始~調査・選定業務を効率化し、先進技術を採用した新規ビジネス創出を支援~